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BLUE ECO 2200watt (variable speed / wattage)


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The next generation of variable flow pumps. These pumps have been developed with a unique control system which allows the user to control the power consumption and RPM of the pump at the press of a button.

the 8 Pole balanced rotor is built around a tungsten or titanium shaft and consists of 16 neodymium super magnets. The rotor is protected by a composite layer of aramid fibre reinforced carbon. Both ends have a double shaft seal with smooth bearings which sit in a resonance free silicon bedding. 

240/320 watt - Both of these models use the samee pump, but have a different controller, the 240 watt model is actually a 320 pump with a 240 watt controller ( the 240 is similar to the 320 but has a smaller "true sine wave" Power module). 

500 watt The 500 model uses techniques from both series. It has a controller with the style and technique of the 320 but has the larger pump of the 900

900 - 2200 watt - These units are suited for heavier work, the controller for these pumps has many additional options such as 4 timer programs which can control the pump up to five times a day and comes with a cruise control setting. 


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BLUE ECO 2200watt (variable speed / wattage)

BLUE ECO 2200watt (variable speed / wattage)


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